Kitty Don’t Care

drought 1 drought 2 drought 3 drought 4 drought 5 drought 6He only likes to drink out of the faucet or my water glass, but never his bowl.

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28 Responses to Kitty Don’t Care

  1. knotrune says:

    Would you drink out of his bowl? Well then! 😀 You might just have to share your water glass though, if the drought gets any worse. Shame you can’t borrow some of our rain, we have a bit too much in England at the moment.


    • Rae says:

      Sometimes I’d think it’d be safer drink out of his bowl than my water glass since he also has the punk habit of sticking his paw in my glass. But yeah, we’re having the driest winter that we’ve had in like a thousand years* or something.

      *estimate rounded up


  2. rumpydog says:

    Cats don’t care about no drought! woo woo!


  3. We need to figure out how to get our massive amount of snow over to you so it can melt and end the drought. I have no ulterior motive. *please take it*


  4. My wife had a cat like that growing up. he was old by the time I met him but he’d still find ways to lumber up onto the kitchen counter and wait by the sink until someone would turn it on.


  5. rwyckoff says:

    The best things in life are illegal, i.e. butter on the knife on your plate, oatmeal water in the pan in the sink, bacon draining on the paper towel on the counter!


  6. My cat will only drink out of the fish tank. Only pee-flavored water for him, thanks!


  7. Try out of a glass of ice water delivered.


  8. Mine don’t like to drink out of the bowl after the dog has taken her drink. I wouldn’t drink after the dog either, though.


  9. Frenchroast says:

    One of my cats is the same way! The other two will settle for running water in the tub, so at least we can close the drain and not waste water. Cats are so weird sometimes. But I read somewhere that cats prefer moving water b/c it seems fresher to them/they know it’s not stagnant.


  10. Duke says:

    Reblogged this on Duke_Let.


  11. Katrine says:

    So many has this “problem” with their cats, my cat only drinks from the sink if her bowl is empty 🙂


  12. Sandi Ormsby says:

    45 second showers! HA! I tried to tell my 8 and 10 year olds that they had to take 5 min. showers. They didn’t understand. “Momma, I have to rinse my hair?”


  13. I love this! Cats are such queens


  14. Reblogged this on Who needs ankles anyway? and commented:
    reminds me of my old cat, haley mittens. smh.


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