They’re Probably Like Same Thing


dog 1 dog 2 dog 3 dog 4 dog 5

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14 Responses to They’re Probably Like Same Thing

  1. Katrine says:

    Me in a nutshell. I can’t wait to have children of my own, people think I’m crazy. My cat is my baby for now 🙂


  2. i agree! it is the frikkin same thing. like you can only love something / or it can only annoy you if it comes out of your vagina? they poop, eat, sleep demand attention and you love them. whats not the same?


  3. As the proud father of a 14 month old son and 3 cats and a dog I can tell you it is pretty much the same thing. The only real difference is how often you clean up their poop. With a human, you have to clean its poop pretty much right after it happens but with cats you can wait a few days between poop cleanings. Dogs do their business outside so I pretty much let nature take care of that. Other than that my three boys (one human, one feline, one canine) are fairly interchangable and I honestly forget which one is which on a regular basis. I started telling a story about how my kid was eating cat litter the other day and then realized it was the dog. And I’ve already forgiven my parents for not knowing which of their three human children they were talking to as apparently the names Loki, Orion and Logan are all the same in my mind.


  4. Your friend must not have a dog…having had both kids and canines, I can say that it’s pretty close to the same. You just can’t rub a kid’s nose in the poop…


  5. devinci101 says:

    Heehee, good stuff! 🙂 Classic comedic ending.


  6. Not having kids, dogs or cats, I always suspected they were the same. Now I know.


  7. It is EXACTLY THE SAME! I make people mad all the time when I say that everything I know about kids I learned from training my dogs, but it is so true!


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