Custom Art Winner!

I’m going to have a new post up early next week, but I realized I forgot to announce the little contest winner who gets a custom pet portrait. It was… Jon from Pastrami Basket! Go check out his blog – he puts his drawings in real life situations that end up being ridiculously funny, much like you’d expect of pastrami in a basket.

If you haven’t seen my Etsy shop or if you know of someone with expendable income who wants a custom pet/animal portrait, send yourself or them to Feline Pretty Art. I should have a few more examples up in the next month too.

Have a good weekend! Or don’t. I won’t judge.

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3 Responses to Custom Art Winner!

  1. Awesome! I’m totally stoked about the portrait! I sure hope that this Joe fellow doesn’t get it before me. -Jon H.


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