When You Smile

smile 1 smile 2 smile 3 smile 4 smile 5 smile 6

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16 Responses to When You Smile

  1. awax1217 says:

    the smile works if it comes from within otherwise it is forced and contrived.


  2. Narky says:

    If that comment came from a stranger it’s utterly inappropriate.


  3. When speaking to my wife, I try never to agree with random douches.


  4. My response is to smile. And flip them off.


  5. Mrs. Meegs says:

    That comment used to drive me up a wall when I was a teenager. And it was always middle aged men that said it, too and I think that’s what made it so weird.


  6. desireejoy says:

    You’d be a lot prettier if you fucked off 😮


  7. frenchroast says:

    Ugh, that comment is the worst. When I was in my teens and more confrontational, I’d usually shoot back the weirdest/creepiest/craziest smile I could muster. Now I just ignore them.


  8. serfweb says:

    I just got back from a trip to Lake Barkley, Kuttawa, Kentucky. Everybody there, no matter if they know you or not, smiles and waves as they pass by. I like it… it’s refreshing after being around a city full of douches the other 51 weeks.


  9. devinci101 says:

    I suppose you could’ve given the old hippie creep (that’s what he looks like…) a philosophy lesson right then and there, but the trouble with good arguments is that they take time and most people don’t actually take them seriously. They just dumbly repeat “Yeah, but [rephrase the original statement].”

    Trust me on this. I make up arguments in my head all the time, imagining the offending party’s hilarious face until I realize they wouldn’t stick around to hear a 1-woman debate.


  10. It’s true. A genuine smile is a thing of beauty and a gift to those who witness it. In my case when I get caught smiling someone always thinks I’m up to something. 😉


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