The End of Car Theft?

I live in Oakland, CA, which is basically famous for its crime,* so you see a lot of people getting desperate to keep their shit safe.

It just got taken to a whole nother level though when the other day I was parking at the train station and saw this.

photo(33)That’s right. It’s like a bike chain, but for your car. I died.

One of my friends told me I missed a good photo-op moment, but luckily that’s what Photoshop is for.

Gangster CarSorry, I really have no idea how to pose as a gangster. Clearly.

I do feel like this chain would probably work though because anyone cutting it would probably feel just as silly as the person putting it on felt.

*Just kidding, mom, it’s totally fine!

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31 Responses to The End of Car Theft?

  1. Eda says:

    If ya wanna be a gangsta, ya gonna haf to lose the skirt.


  2. elainecanham says:

    Why didn’t the driver just clamp himself ? I mean, clamp his car, obviously. You’d have to be seriously weird to clamp yourself…although looking at the chain, I wonder.


  3. jesskawrites says:

    I thought you were doing that skipping thing with the chain instead of a huge elastic band…………


  4. Elyse says:

    I think I’d prefer it in gold …


  5. There’s enough slack in the chain that it seems like it the tires would rotate just fine. Nice try, though. I might do that here to try to start a trend.


  6. awax1217 says:

    Ignition switches guarded by code words to activate them would be used eventually. Maybe even eye scan or thumb print. The old ways will change.


  7. speaker7 says:

    It would have been even more amazing if the chain was hooked to an actual bike rack.


  8. April C. says:

    That is just so utterly amazing on so many levels, my mind has been, officially, blown.


  9. But did they actually do anything more than chain two hubcaps together?


  10. amazing idea 😀 had a good laugh. But seriously someone doing these tricks, in times of so many techno options?


  11. Steph says:

    My uncle lives in Oakland! (That’s all I got.)


    • Rae says:

      I was in the market for a used car a few months ago and I actually came across a few with bullet proof windows, they might have come in handy! You should probably come visit your uncle soon, and by visit your uncle, I mean come have a drink with me! (Spoiler: I’m less cool in non-cartoon form.)


      • Steph says:

        That would be so fun. I was actually looking at San Fran flights recently but they were crazy expensive. So costly to get to that side of the country. Maybe next year though!


        • Rae says:

          Check out the Oakland airport too if you ever need to plan something, I find it’s usually cheaper (and more consistently on time). But yeah, flights are stupid expensive.


  12. Sally says:

    At least it’s a creative idea, you have to give him that :p


  13. When my car was stolen-then-located-then-towed-with-me-in-the-tow-truck-because-I-couldn’t-get-to-the-car-before-they-put-it-on-the-truck (which is a thing), I asked the tow truck drivers how to remove a distributor cap.
    “Your car doesn’t have one. Why do you need to know that?”
    “So it doesn’t get stolen again.”
    “Oh. Who taught you that?”
    “I read a lot of crime novels.”

    They taught me how to disconnect the fuse box instead.


  14. desireejoy says:

    Instant classic!


  15. guyportman says:

    Unbelievable. I imagine this car might appear provocative to thieves, who might smash the windows and take the car stereo just to make a point.


  16. That seems like a lot of work every time you have to run to the supermarket or something. Seeing it all chained up would make me think there was something in there was really worth breaking into. FYI, I think gangstas can wear skirts. As a matter of fact most of the ones I know wear skirts and they aren’t all girls.


  17. leveritableamourxx says:

    Reblogged this on My Universe and commented:
    This goes way beyond of a car theft!!

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