Sleeping with Animals

pets 1 pets 2


Sorry for the long break without blogging! I went on vacation camping and I meant to schedule some reruns but I ended up getting stressed about my water and Ritz cracker supplies and forgot. Then I came home and was exhausted after sleeping on a deflating air mattress for five nights and a 12-hour drive home. Oh, and fun, I had fun too. We saw a lot of the mysterious jellyfish that have been washing up on the West Coast beaches. Pretty sure they might be a sign of the apocalypse. Wasn’t there a jellyfish on one of the seven seals or something?

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5 Responses to Sleeping with Animals

  1. cute and funny cartoons


  2. Elyse says:

    Jellyfish must be a sign of the Apocalypse — we had lots of them in Maine, too. Yuck.


  3. NumberOnePotoo says:

    These drawings are disturbingly accurate 🙂 I imagine this is what I look like at night.


  4. Happy to see you have returned safely and wasn’t gobbled up from any animals in the wild. Did you take all those pets camping with you?


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