Just Like a Human!

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14 Responses to Just Like a Human!

  1. I argue with my GPS all the time. It usually ends with the words: “Recalculate this!”


  2. At least you can hit your husband when he gives bad directions and then is snarky about it. You can’t hit a GPS (well, and then make it care that you hit it). My phone’s GPS has a vaguely attractive voice and certain instructions are sometimes semi-seductive sounding. My wife and I joke that “she” is trying to seduce me whenever we use it and once we did that while my mother in law and sister in law (who was like 17 at the time) were in the car. Thats when we started using her phone’s GPS; which doesn’t talk.


  3. I want one of those! Because I am sure my Garmin is thinking these very things. I’d rather know exactly where I stand.


  4. I named my GPS in an attempt to feel less stupid for yelling at an APP on my PHONE…
    It hasn’t helped much.


  5. Haha, and not even a mention for credit?! Pfff


  6. I’m the direction giver in our household and it pleases me that I can’t be that easily replace. 😉
    I have to admit that any time we have used a “talking” GPS advisor they always seem to cop an attitude. They can be downright rude at times.


  7. rynob15 says:

    My Gps’s name is Gretchen o3o


  8. sinroze says:

    if a human told me to a U-turn when it clearly says not to…i’d probably call the human the same name i have for my gps


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