How to Decide What to Eat


Playing chicken works every time. (Although you do have to get used to eating a lot of pizza.)

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16 Responses to How to Decide What to Eat

  1. I hate asking what the family wants to eat for dinner (I shop two weeks at a time). “Whatever.” “I don’t care.” “Just the regular.” So I suit myself and inevitably have to hear “I’m tired of this.” I don’t like THAT.”

    I never get tired of pizza, though. Order some for me.


  2. This is basically every night with my husband and I. Although if he feels like annoying me he’ll keep making suggestions he knows I’ll shoot down (I’m the picky one) instead of just waiting me out. “How about chili?” “How about I HATE YOU.”


    • Rae says:

      Yeah, I also try to throw out ideas I know he won’t like, but I usually only do that when he says, “We can have anything,” because I KNOW that’s not true!


  3. Oh, the food debate. Always the worst.


  4. This is an ongoing battle in our household. Sad but true.


  5. ginaawesome says:

    I love this blog post. It is totally me in my house. My mom would ask me what I want to eat, and I’m like I don’t know. She’s like ugg, why do you never knowww, why don’t you ever make up your mind. Then I would say why don’t you pick. Then she’s like, how should I know! She doesn’t see how shes acting exactly like me. This blog post could totally be me, except I don’t think I could ever suggest not eating dinner. I would probably die if I skipped dinner.Then usually my brother just ends up picking. I also really love the pictures you drew. The expressions on the girl’s face could totally be me.


  6. i8there4irun says:

    I threaten popcorn for dinner. Because He knows that I could happily exist on air popped popcorn and wine.


  7. sinroze says:

    or just eating separately….but then you need to know what you want to eat.


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