Guns Don’t Kill People

gun 1 gun 2 gun 3 gun 4 gun 5 gun 6 gun 7gun 8I’m pretty sure they really don’t want to kill people.

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11 Responses to Guns Don’t Kill People

  1. sankysachan says:

    Ha Ha Ha….funny…!!!


  2. Hahahahah thats excellent. sad gun made me laugh

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  3. Love the message. Love the presentation. I’m pretty sure you are right.

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  4. I have never felt sorry for a gun until now 😉

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  5. alittlebitoflying says:

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  6. arjael says:

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  7. Don’t torture yourself, handgun. They probably wouldn’t have made good friends anyway. Look at what a crummy friend your owner turned out to be, for instance. Human people are weird.


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