British Period Pieces

accent 1 accent 2 accent 3 accent 4 accent 5 accent 6accent 7

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9 Responses to British Period Pieces

  1. Scritch says:

    yay to mediocre banter!

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  2. Poor dog, caught in the middle.

    I found out that “Spike” from Buffy is coming to a local Comic-Con. I reacted a little strongly, and now my husband hates Spike. I… admire his acting.

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    • Hahaha I love me some James Marsters. I was SO sad when I found out he’s actually from California and the British accent was fake. Way to kill the dream. But it didn’t stop me from crying with joy when he got a role on Torchwood.

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  3. You’re a funny gal! This cartoon is also hilarious. Do you know anyone with a British accent? If not, now you do! I have a British accent, and it’s authentic too! I’m not from California, or anywhere in the States, but born and bred in England, in the heart of what is called the ‘Black country’, so called because of the factories chugging out black smoke, not a racist remark. I now live in Louisiana, and am loving it.

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