Warm Beer

WarmBeer 1 WarmBeer 2 WarmBeer 3 WarmBeer 4 WarmBeer 5 WarmBeer 6 WarmBeer 7 WarmBeer 8

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8 Responses to Warm Beer

  1. Sara J. says:

    Cheers to confirming nagging suspicions… and to warm beer. I purposely let mine sit until it’s just about room temperature – then it’s perfect.

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  2. Eda says:

    Guys who don’t know how to solve problems are beyond useless!

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  3. You and I might be the same person.

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  4. Outlier Babe says:

    I don’t know if you enjoy admitting to and flaunting your power over men, or just don’t give a golly-gosh-darn (Whew! I’d better go get my flail and do a count of fifteen for THAT one!!), but either way, I like it.

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