Things Peas Don’t Go In: Everything

I don’t talk about them much, mostly because I feel like they are the troll of the legume world and maybe if you don’t feed them they will go away, but I’ve known since I was a small child that peas are a blight on the otherwise mostly okay vegetation of this world.

pea-fiber-bspSo you can imagine how horrified I was when I saw this article in the NY Times that suggested it was a perfectly fine and even desirable to put peas in your guacamole.


This is possibly the most offensive thing I’ve ever seen, and I regularly troll Donald Trump’s Twitter page. I don’t know what that is, but it isn’t guacamole. (Also, sunflower seeds? Who does that?)

We don’t have to let the devil’s legume win though. Adversity will unite us. Already, the fight against this abomination has received bipartisan support.

You’re probably wondering what you can do. I considered making a petition to send to the NY Times about retracting this article, but the damage is already done. I can’t unsee that image. So just, if you see anyone attempt to do this, punch them. Punch them right in the face. Do it for guacamole. Do it for the children. Do it for every recipe ever that has had to share ingredient space with this vegetable troll. But mostly, do it because if enough people are punched we can start a revolution. Be the change!

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48 Responses to Things Peas Don’t Go In: Everything

  1. garym6059 says:

    Peas are disgusting! In my guacamole is blasphemy!

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  2. Katie Robles says:

    Ha ha! Agreed: peas do NOT go with guacamole. Looks like someone tripped and dropped a totally different dish on top of perfectly good guacamole. Personally, I love peas. That said, they are a bit like a diva in the vegetable band so they don’t go well with everything.

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    • Rae says:

      Oops, looks like you have a little typo, Katie! You typed “love” instead of “hate.” Don’t worry, happens to me all the time!


  3. Linda says:

    I agree with you that peas definitely do not belong in guacamole! But I do enjoy the sweet little pea! 🙂

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  4. Lori Denise says:

    My brother and I both gag at peas. Maybe it is genetic and you are related to us? Putting peas in anywhere near the beautiful, buttery avocado is sacrilege.

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  5. knotrune says:

    I totally agree. I never liked peas. As a child I had to eat them, swallowing them whole like pills 😦 bleuch. Just be glad you aren’t from the north of England and faced with the utter revoltingness that is mushy peas. I advise against a google image search. I like fish and chips, but it is hard to eat them with enjoyment when other people around you have pre-chewed peas with theirs. I literally had a nightmare about them as a child.

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  6. [Feel free not to read this first bit:] I quite enjoy peas and I think avocado goes with almost everything including sunflower seeds so I would eat that guacamole and savor every bite between punches to the face.

    [Okay from here on is a safe anti-pea zone:] My brother-in-law hates peas more than anything else in this world, and he hates a lot of things. My mother-in-law used to try to hide peas in his food in all kinds of ways to get him to eat them, but he can detect a pea in his dinner and spit it out just the way a dog can when you’re trying to sneak it a pill. It’d be impressive if it weren’t so disgusting.


  7. I KNEW you would have an opinion on this travesty! I do love peas (sorrynotsorry), but they do NOT belong in guacamole. Not now, not ever. Stupid fake-hipster chef! Don’t put wrong things in guacamole.

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  8. Outlier Babe says:

    I LOVE peas, but NOT in guacamole–BLECHH!!!

    I have never, never, never found a toddler who disliked peas–especially frozen peas as a snack in summer–unless I saw their parent making faces. I suspect that children who grow up hating peas either had a parent who hated them or had a parent serve them canned peas–a “food” item which automatically makes the mouth rebel and stomach heave. Horrible stuff.

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  9. ha ha ha… great feeling to know that there are so many more others who share my distaste. Thank you for making me feel normal!

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  10. Well, gross.
    Doubly gross because my husband is allergic to peas.
    Triply gross because… gross.

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  11. Dana says:

    If you don’t like peas, why is it part of your blog name?

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  12. Kat says:

    “If enough people are punched we can start a revolution.” I want a t-shirt that says that. If I make one, do I need to make it a quote from you?

    Also, I can’t help but point out the irony of half of your blog name…

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  13. raranapoles says:

    Reblogged this on Memoirs of a Single Geeky Chick and commented:

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  14. Haha, I love peas but I’d never consider putting them in guacamole.

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  15. Eda says:

    Damn. Just when I thought we could be friends… I love peas, although I agree that mushy peas are an abomination. My pet peeve is corn in my coconut tapioca at the Thai restaurant. I love corn, too, but it does not belong in dessert the same way peas do not belong in guacamole. Sacrilege. Hellfire and damnation. Assiosity.


  16. Haha, completely agree: peas are the worst. And guacamole is so delicious! Why on earth would people put peas in it?!

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  17. JM Stories says:

    The caterer for my 45th birthday party convinced me to get the Pea and Mint “Guac”. It was foul. Putrid. (Third word that means it can make you vomit right there in front of a roomful of party guests). Never again. If I had a time machine I’d make it so that it had never happened.

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  18. Kelly says:

    My husband actually LOVES peas (gag) and even he says that putting them in guacamole is blasphemy!

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  19. i8there4irun says:

    That is hilarious. I love peas, but my 15 year old daughter HATES them. Peas are the only veggie she hates – so I texted her your sentiments, and she agrees.

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  20. HEY! What do you have against peas? LOL You’re too funny! I love peas, you must too, cos you’ve included it in the name of your site.

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  21. “Do it for the children” Cue coffee spit take. I couldn’t agree more. When this story broke, CNN actually had the NY Times author of the recipe abomination on to defend her position. It was like watching a person drowning in the shallow end. Just stand up and admit you screwed up. But no, she stuck to her pea catastrophe to the bitter end. Which leads to one of my rules: trust no New Yorker when it comes to guacamole.

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  22. lilymaystory says:

    You’re my hero. I want to be you when I grow up.

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