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How to Create a Monster in 5 Easy Steps

1. Pick your monster. Generally, your monster should be something that isn’t already terrifying. If you are scared or disgusted by your monster before you even start, you will never be able to create a proper monster of it, and … Continue reading

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What Kids Don’t Know

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Deserted Tropical Pools

When I was a kid, I loved swimming in the swimming pools that had the fake waterfalls and all the plants around them. The only problem was that I liked to pretend that I was on a deserted tropical island, … Continue reading

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Clairvoyant Clothes

My prior self sounds a lot more sinister than my current self.

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Cartwheel Trauma

And that was the first and last cartwheel I ever tried to do.

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Gifts for a Mother

  To my mom, who never hesitated to accept my repurposed vandalized gifts. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Face Painting or How I Know When to Give Up

At some point in high school, I got suckered into working a kids’ fair at a local elementary school. I thought this would be fun, until I remembered that I don’t really like children. Everyone was given a random assignment, … Continue reading

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How to Capture the Flag

Like a lot kids, I was awkward and painfully shy. I wasn’t very good at pretending like I knew how to socialize, and kids suck at conversation anyway, which is why they usually just resort to being mean. So I … Continue reading

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