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Holiday Catch-Up

I’m back from my holiday break and I’ll be back to semi-regular posting soon! In the meantime, I thought I’d share the little project I had been working on in the last month. They’re basically a little series of drawings … Continue reading

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A Christmas Fairy Tale of Sorts

Once upon a time there was a girl. This particular girl was not a princess or some sort of impoverished waif. She was just a rather average girl in the way that average people tend to be. She kept a … Continue reading

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Signs Point to Yes

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Useful Byproducts of Falling

There are advantages to being a one-dimensional triangle, like never having to buy a glider suit.

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What I’d Like to Blog About

I’ve been bad about blogging lately. Sometimes I have an idea for a post, but I have such great expectations for it that I can never really make it look the way I want it to look. So it just … Continue reading

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A Portrait of a Cat as a Young Lemur

I really just wanted an excuse to draw my cat and a lemur.

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Ship Dreams

On Tuesday night I worked forever on a post (two hours), and because I obviously remember nothing from college and the importance of saving every five seconds, my computer crashed and I lost it all. I went through all the … Continue reading

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Can I Just Say that I Love You?

I’m usually not very good about writing posts to acknowledge the blog awards people have given me. Not for a lack of gratitude, but because I figure people don’t really want to read about me talking about my own blog. … Continue reading

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