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A Very Selfish Giveaway

In the spirit of the holidays, I’ve decided to a giveaway. Don’t get too excited though because this is going to be a very special selfish giveaway on my part. Are you ready for this? I’m giving away one of … Continue reading

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Waking Dreams

Thank you everyone to came over to my blog after my Coming to a Writer’s Block post was Freshly Pressed! I guess this means I can’t complain about never being Freshly Pressed anymore, but I’m sure I’ll find something else … Continue reading

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Notes Like Sparkling Stars

I had my piano lesson last night and my teacher said the stoniest thing that possibly anyone has ever said to me. I was playing a song and she interrupted me and said, “No, you should play this like sparkling … Continue reading

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Cross-Stitch Brainstorm

I was thinking it might be fun to do another little cross-stitch and give it away on my blog. Maybe it will be dirty and amazing enough to convince my lurkers to temporarily reveal themselves. So, I’m listing some of … Continue reading

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Ask Rae – Crying Baby

Today I’m going to answer a question from a random person. It’s… Today, our question is from John. Have a question for me? Send it on over! I promise my answer will be more entertaining than whatever your local newspaper … Continue reading

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Human Food

There’s a place near my work that I walk by often that has a large sign advertising “Hunan Food.” My mind transposes this into “Human Food,” which makes me giggle because I have the humor of a five-year-old. (Except for … Continue reading

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Harry Potter Recap!

Last night I finally got out to see the last Harry Potter movie (the Husband was out-of-town for awhile so I was waiting for him – that’s true love). ::Sort of Spoiler Alert:: Did anyone else find the aging effects … Continue reading

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City Life

Three things I saw this weekend that are unique to city life. A bum riding a shopping cart down a steep hill. Naked bicyclists. A cafe that sells both coffee and erotic toys. That’s the convenience of city life — … Continue reading

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