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5 Signs You Should Invest in Godzilla

I couldn’t think of a post for today because I’m lame, so I did one of those random blog idea generators, which are also usually lame, unless you put in a word like Godzilla, who is never lame (unless it’s … Continue reading

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Search Recap: Halloween and Unicorns

Well, Halloween was a rousing success in that we have leftover candy and I didn’t get any creepy adults trying to ask for candy like I did last year. Let’s make one thing clear, if you’re older than me, you’re not … Continue reading

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Search Recap – The Police

Here’s your weekly recap of the weird searches that came in this week. Exciting! things that make me sad Six people found me by this exact search. I should let you know, these are things that make me sad, not … Continue reading

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Search Recap – You Can’t Fix Stupid

It’s Sunday afternoon, which means it’s that time again when I do a hungover review of how people found my blog through search engines. american brain You’ll find that here. the bible rapture Is there another kind? do not throw … Continue reading

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You Found Me!

Since it’s Sunday and the start of a new week, I thought now would be a good time to reflect how people have come across my blog through searches. will i be raptured No. i have to go now my … Continue reading

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