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Things I Did Not Do in Florida

So you might have noticed that I haven’t posted for a week. I probably should have mentioned that I was traveling last week, even though the paranoid old woman in me says you should never post anything too personal because … Continue reading

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Land Among the Stars

I made another motivational poster that I wasn’t able to finish in time for yesterday’s post. Feel free to give it to a graduating senior or any small aspiring child you know.

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Seriously, Hang in There

Most people like silly inspirational stories. At least, I assume most people do because I see people posting them all the time and there’s never any winky faces to hint that they might be joking. Sometimes the only way I … Continue reading

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My Lunch Today

Whenever you think it’s going to be warm in San Francisco, it’s not.

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The Minister of Common Sense

Recently I gave myself a new title at work. No, I’m not acknowledged for it in any way, but it’s basically the only thing that has helped me keep my sanity. You are looking at the new Minister of Common … Continue reading

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On Demons and Sharpies

I had hoped to show off pictures of the pumpkin I carved over the weekend, but I think it’s too terrifying, and not necessarily in a good way. It looks rather like a deformed demon head who looks slightly pleased … Continue reading

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I’m Probably Procrastinating

I was going to work on a blog post last night, but I had an emergency. And by “emergency” I mean the husband and I went out to get sushi. And by “getting sushi” I mean I got sushi and … Continue reading

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Work with Benefits

  Sometimes a perk doesn’t really feel like a perk when everyone gets it. I only get a little bitter though. You know, just when I think about it.

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