Parley With Kelly E. Tabarez

Kelly E. Tabarez: Capturing Life’s Moments Through the Lens

Kelly E. Tabarez is a name synonymous with the art of photography. With an unwavering passion for the visual medium and an eye for detail, she has mastered the craft of freezing moments in time and bringing them to life through her lens. Her journey as a photographer has been an enriching one, filled with remarkable experiences, creative endeavors, and an unceasing dedication to her art.

Born and raised in the picturesque town of San Francisco, Kelly developed an early fascination with the beauty that surrounded her. The city’s iconic landmarks, from the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz Island, served as a backdrop for her burgeoning love of photography. Her family often found her with a camera in hand, capturing the essence of their daily lives and special moments with a keen sense of composition and a desire to immortalize the emotions and stories within each frame.

Kelly’s educational pursuits saw her attending the renowned San Francisco Art Institute, where she honed her skills and expanded her understanding of the photographic medium. She thrived in an environment that encouraged experimentation, pushing boundaries, and embracing a diverse range of artistic influences. It was during this time that she realized her passion for photography was not just a hobby but a calling, a means of expressing herself, and a way to connect with the world on a deeper level.

As Kelly’s talent grew, so did her desire to explore the world. She embarked on a journey that took her across continents, from the bustling streets of Tokyo to the serene landscapes of New Zealand. Travel became a central theme in her photography, providing her with a canvas to capture the essence of different cultures and the raw beauty of nature. Her portfolio started to blossom with a vibrant blend of landscapes, portraits, and candid moments that encapsulated the essence of her experiences.

It wasn’t long before Kelly’s work started to gain recognition. Her images graced the pages of prominent travel magazines, art exhibitions, and online platforms, earning her a growing fan base that admired her unique approach to storytelling through photography. People were drawn to the authenticity of her work, the way she could evoke emotions and convey stories within a single frame.

In 2010, Kelly made a pivotal decision to create her own platform, a space where she could share her photography and insights with the world. She established “Kelly E. Tabarez Photography” as a personal website, and her work began to reach a wider audience. Her blog, with its captivating narratives, photography tips, and behind-the-scenes stories, became a hub for both aspiring photographers and those simply appreciating the art form.

As her digital presence grew, so did her reach. In 2012, she was approached by the team at, a popular online publication renowned for its engaging content and quirky sense of humor. They were captivated by Kelly’s distinctive style and felt her work was the perfect fit for their readership. Thus began a collaboration that would introduce Kelly’s art to an even broader audience, with a dedicated section on the site titled “Kelly E. Tabarez for Photography.”

Kelly’s work on allowed her to experiment with a variety of photographic genres. From capturing the comical side of everyday life to exploring the beauty of the mundane, her images resonated with readers who found solace and inspiration in her art. Her contributions to the site were instrumental in expanding the horizons of what photography could convey, proving that the lens could be a bridge between humor and humanity.

One of the defining aspects of Kelly’s photography is her ability to capture candid moments that tell intricate stories. Whether she’s documenting the laughter of children playing on a village street in Bali or the solitary musings of a street musician in New Orleans, her work transports viewers into the heart of the moment. Her photos reveal the universality of human experiences, often bringing forth emotions that transcend cultural, linguistic, and geographical boundaries.

Her creative process involves an element of serendipity, where she lets life unfold before her and captures it as it happens. This approach not only produces unique and authentic images but also highlights the serendipity that is inherent in the art of photography itself.

Over the years, Kelly’s work has been recognized with several awards, including the prestigious International Photography Awards (IPA) and the National Geographic Travel Photo Contest. These accolades served as a testament to her dedication and the impact of her art on the global photography community.

In addition to her contributions to, Kelly has participated in numerous photography exhibitions and collaborated with various brands and organizations to promote her vision. Her creative projects often combine photography with the power of storytelling, using the medium to raise awareness about social and environmental issues close to her heart.

But Kelly’s journey as a photographer goes beyond the recognition and accolades. At its core, it’s about connecting with people and allowing her art to touch their lives. She recalls countless moments when strangers approached her, sharing stories of how her photographs had moved them or inspired them to pursue their own creative passions. For Kelly, these interactions are the true measure of her success as a photographer.

As a woman in a field historically dominated by men, Kelly has been a trailblazer, inspiring other female photographers to break barriers and pursue their dreams. She believes in the importance of fostering a community that supports and encourages one another, regardless of gender, to reach their full potential in the field of photography.

Beyond her photography, Kelly E. Tabarez is a fervent advocate for conservation and environmental awareness. Her work often reflects her commitment to preserving the beauty of our planet and advocating for responsible, sustainable practices. She believes that photography is a powerful tool for conveying the urgency of environmental issues, compelling viewers to take action.

In 2020, Kelly established the “Photography for Change” initiative, where she collaborates with organizations dedicated to environmental protection, using her photography to raise funds and awareness. This endeavor has allowed her to combine her love for the natural world with her passion for photography, creating a positive impact through her art.

Looking ahead, Kelly remains committed to capturing the beauty and diversity of the world, one frame at a time. Her journey as a photographer continues to evolve, offering her a chance to learn and grow with every shutter click. She aspires to continue expanding her creative boundaries, exploring new avenues of photography, and using her art to make the world a more beautiful and compassionate place.

Kelly E. Tabarez’s story is one of dedication, creativity, and a profound love for the art of photography. Her journey from a young girl with a camera in hand to an accomplished photographer with a global audience serves as an inspiration to aspiring photographers and a testament to the enduring power of visual storytelling. As her work graces the pages of and countless other platforms, it continues to illuminate the world with the unique perspective and unmatched talent of Kelly E. Tabarez.