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Tell Stories With Studio 6 Photography

Studio 6 photography is a great option for people who want to tell stories with their images. There are many options, including using props and backgrounds. It is also important to know the basics of lighting.

If you’re shooting in a studio, a telephoto lens will help you avoid distortions. It will also create a softer focus, which will ensure that the viewer’s attention is drawn to your subject.


One of the most important things to remember when shooting portraits is that lighting is everything. This is especially true when working in a studio, where you can control the light to get the best results possible. Getting the light right means less work in post-production and more beautiful photos.

The best way to achieve this is by using a key light, fill light and backlight. These lights will illuminate the subject from all sides and ensure that there are no shadows. The key light should be positioned directly in front of the model, and the fill light should be angled slightly toward her.

It is also important to use a reflector card to lessen shadows on the model. This will help reduce the glare of the key light and make the skin appear smoother. A reflected light will also help you avoid distortions by creating a softer focus. Finally, you should always use a custom white balance to regulate the color output of your strobes. This will ensure that your final images are accurate.


The models you choose for your studio shoot can make or break the success of your project. You want to find a model who fits the mood of your shoot and can give you that look you’re after. Besides the obvious, like height, body type, and skin color, you should also consider their experience level.

Paul has worked in the 3D world for many years making food models, you might remember his Walls ice cream or Twister/Cornetto points of sale models from your local corner shop! Lili brings a young and more conceptual take to the studio with her creative directing ideas and artistic ability behind the camera. She is very adept at directing the models for the best outcome on set. She also has dedicated lease line internet, enabling real time communication with clients/agency during shoots. This gives the studio a very professional edge and is something not every other studio can offer. (Studio 6)


Capture the fleeting moments of your children’s childhood with a family photo session. Studio Six offers once-in-a-lifetime photo sessions that are customized just for you. We also offer small business photography services including product images, professional headshots, and social media/advertising imagery.

The Greenpoint-based Double 6 is currently displaying Subject Matters, an exhibition that showcases photographers who communicate distinct perspectives, aesthetics, and themes in their work. The studio-turned-gallery space is also available to rent for still, photo or catalog shoots.

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