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The Cat Ate My Post

No, seriously. However, I spent too much time drawing that cat for this not to be considered a real post.

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Cats and Pedicures

WordPress just added this new feature that allows you to see who your top commenters are and guess who my biggest fan is? Me! It’s nice to be reassured that I believe in myself because quite frankly, sometimes I’m a … Continue reading

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Foot Fetish

Yesterday one of my cats was sniffing my feet, and besides tickling me a little, it reminded me of a creepy IT guy I briefly worked with a few years back. The creepy IT guy was a consultant who came … Continue reading

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Cat Shower

Everyone has their routine in the morning. Mine is taking a shower, and my cat’s is playing a prank on me. With a name like Hang Time, you’d think he’d be chill. You’d be wrong. I try to be mad … Continue reading

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