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Morning People

My tolerance for mornings is just steadily going down.

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Dog Realities

At least she’s cute enough to make up for most of it. (Like at least 90% of it. At least.)

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What Kids Don’t Know

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Deserted Tropical Pools

When I was a kid, I loved swimming in the swimming pools that had the fake waterfalls and all the plants around them. The only problem was that I liked to pretend that I was on a deserted tropical island, … Continue reading

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Gifts for a Mother

  To my mom, who never hesitated to accept my repurposed vandalized gifts. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Face Painting or How I Know When to Give Up

At some point in high school, I got suckered into working a kids’ fair at a local elementary school. I thought this would be fun, until I remembered that I don’t really like children. Everyone was given a random assignment, … Continue reading

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How to Capture the Flag

Like a lot kids, I was awkward and painfully shy. I wasn’t very good at pretending like I knew how to socialize, and kids suck at conversation anyway, which is why they usually just resort to being mean. So I … Continue reading

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“Do I Need a Drink Today?” Flowchart

Since it’s Friday I thought I’d make a flowchart so you all could decide what to do tonight. Hopefully I caught all my typos and I didn’t get any theology wrong. And if anyone says “it’s a good idea but … Continue reading

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