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Repost: The Receptionist’s Revenge

You don’t know this, but tor the past 3-4 years, the “i” key on my keyboard has been broken. Do you know how often you use the “i” key? Okay, I didn’t use it at all in that sentence except … Continue reading

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The Minister of Common Sense

Recently I gave myself a new title at work. No, I’m not acknowledged for it in any way, but it’s basically the only thing that has helped me keep my sanity. You are looking at the new Minister of Common … Continue reading

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The Receptionist’s Revenge

My first job out of college was not the glamorous job I had dreamed of. I wasn’t an editor of some small but up-and-coming publishing house. I wasn’t writing articles for The New Yorker. I was a receptionist. When you’re … Continue reading

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How to Tell if Your Coworker Does Nothing

No one can say that they don’t occasionally do something at work that isn’t exactly work. I like to think that checking Facebook to see what shenanigans my friends are up to is my generation’s smoke break (unless you’re a … Continue reading

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Idea Stealers

Since yesterday I mentioned people who were annoying me at a concert, it made me think of other things people do to annoy me (there’s a long list). Have you ever had a friend or coworker who got by in … Continue reading

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