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British Period Pieces

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The Next Generation of Dog Breeds

It’s actually really hard to draw a dog with a look of contempt. That’s the best I could do. I am pretty sure this is where dog breeds are going though. (Please adopt. I even made myself vomit a little … Continue reading

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Making Sense of the World

I didn’t finish my drawings in time to get it up this week, so I’ll leave you with this picture instead. I came home the other night after work and found this. Apparently my puppy has OCD. I guess the … Continue reading

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How to Make Money Off the Unspecting Internet in the Slowest Way Possible

Whenever I’m really busy and I actually manage to get stuff done, I look around and wonder why I haven’t gotten a raise yet. Then I remember that life doesn’t give raises and really you just have to be happy … Continue reading

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How to Create a Monster in 5 Easy Steps

1. Pick your monster. Generally, your monster should be something that isn’t already terrifying. If you are scared or disgusted by your monster before you even start, you will never be able to create a proper monster of it, and … Continue reading

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Puppy Update

Here’s a few pictures of the new puppy. Her name is Indiana Jone, but we’re calling her Indie because four syllables is a lot to handle for a puppy. Also, if I walk around yelling Indiana Jone people will know … Continue reading

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Watch Cats, A Little Different than Watch Dogs

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First Instinct

Always trust your first instinct.

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