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Halloween Costumes

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Leftover Halloween Candy

  For the record, he lasted about two hours.

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Guest Post at Le Clown

I have a guest post up at Le Clown’s site, go check it out (I know, two posts in one day?!). There’s also some other fun comics up, so go! GO! Happy Halloween!

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How Pumpkins Get Smashed

—- I’m back from a bit of a hiatus. I actually lost my drawing pad in my move, but it’s been rescued and I’m looking forward to posting more regularly!

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Goat Pumpkin Lives

I carved two goat pumpkins in the last few days, and I learned a valuable lesson – it is impossible to carve a goat pumpkin without making them look evil. But I’ll let you be the judge. (If you missed … Continue reading

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Search Recap: Halloween and Unicorns

Well, Halloween was a rousing success in that we have leftover candy and I didn’t get any creepy adults trying to ask for candy like I did last year. Let’s make one thing clear, if you’re older than me, you’re not … Continue reading

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The Ark of Halloween

When I was young I never got to go trick or treating. We lived up on a mountain, so houses weren’t very close together. Also, my mom didn’t believe in it. However, my church had a harvest carnival every year … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Guts

Every year I forget how long and messy pumpkin carving is. I cut off the top and think, Oh yeah, there’s pumpkin in there. I know genetic mutations are bad go organic blah blah blah, but someone really ought to … Continue reading

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