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When It’s Hot

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Today Is Not Tomorrow and Other Observations

PRO: We’re finally experiencing a summer in the Bay Area. CON: It’s 94 degrees and I don’t have an air conditioner. CON: Sleep is impossible when it’s 94 degrees. PRO: Ice cream. CON: I forgot my Kindle today. PRO: I … Continue reading

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And Then There Was Heat

Yesterday I got barely any hits on my blog, which means everyone collectively decided to hate me or you all were just as hot as I was. The problem with doing a post in the heat is that I write … Continue reading

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Sweaty Balls

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I had a different post planned today, but it’s really hot and I don’t have an AC and my drawing pad/laptop put off heat like a menopausal woman at a carnival. A really hot, dirty carnival. So, what should we … Continue reading

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