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They’re Probably Like Same Thing


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Group Therapy

It’s more like a puppy support group.

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Puppy Update

Here’s a few pictures of the new puppy. Her name is Indiana Jone, but we’re calling her Indie because four syllables is a lot to handle for a puppy. Also, if I walk around yelling Indiana Jone people will know … Continue reading

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Babies vs. Puppies

And the same people who tell me to have a baby, try and convince me I’m not “ready” for a puppy. I don’t quite get it. UPDATE: You can see pictures of our puppy here!

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Puppy Whine

To help combat the powers of Friday the 13th, I drew three things I like (you know, if you count the pun). I’m pretty sure I read somewhere once that good things come in threes.* *I just looked up “Power … Continue reading

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