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How to Use a Photography Umbrella

A photography umbrella is a simple and inexpensive light modifier. It can create all kinds of different effects in your photos, depending on how you use it.

White umbrellas (also known as shoot-through) have a white interior that diffuses and spreads the light, but also reduces its intensity. This can require more power from your flash or strobe.


A photography umbrella can help you create a focus on your subject by changing the way light hits the subject. Depending on the type of umbrella you choose, you can use it as a fill or backlight. A black/silver umbrella, for example, is a great tool for eliminating shadows and brightening your subjects.

These umbrellas are solid black on the outside and have a silver or white interior lining. When you fire your flash or strobe into it, the umbrella reflects the light on your subject, creating a soft, bright fill.

A shoot-through umbrella, on the other hand, allows the light to pass directly through it for a softer glow. If you have this type of umbrella, it needs to be open when you shoot to avoid a harsh look. The way you position your umbrella can also impact catchlights, the reflection of light in a subject’s eyes. This is an especially important factor when shooting animated models and ice cream.


A photo umbrella is a great way to soften any light source, whether it’s a flash, strobe, speedlight or even just a regular light bulb. These devices emit a very bright light that can cause hard shadows and unwanted reflections. But when you use a photography umbrella, the lighting becomes softer and more natural, mimicking the type of light that would be coming from a window during the day.

Choosing the best umbrella for your needs depends on what you’re shooting, such as how big you need it to be or what look you want to achieve. For example, you can choose between a shoot-through umbrella or a reflective one that lets you bounce light back toward your subject.

The more you know about umbrellas, the better your photos will turn out! Whether you’re looking to soften your lighting or create beautiful reflections, these versatile and cost-effective devices can help you elevate your studio shots.


When using a photography umbrella to soften your light source, shadows can also be affected. The umbrella’s size and position can help to make your shadows softer or harder. A smaller umbrella that’s closer to your light source can be more focused and may have fewer shadows but will also be less effective at diffusing the light.

The color of the umbrella can also impact the appearance of your shadows. A shoot-through white umbrella allows the light to pass through, which can create a softer, more natural-looking light. This type of umbrella is often used for portraits because it helps to flatter the subject’s features.

A silver umbrella, on the other hand, can produce a much sharper and more dramatic look. The best way to achieve a look you’re happy with is to experiment with the umbrella positioning and light source intensity until you find what looks good to you.


There are a few things you can do to brighten up your umbrella setup. For one, you can place a diffuser on the top of your umbrella to soften the light even further. This is a popular technique among portrait photographers, as it creates incredibly soft and diffused light that is flattering to the face. Annie Leibovitz is known for using this technique extensively on her portrait shoots.

The other way to brighten your umbrella is by simply changing the angle of the light. By rotating the umbrella, you can create different lighting patterns like a Rembrandt or loop, which may look better for some subjects than others.

Finally, you can try placing your umbrella behind the subject to act as a fill light. Be careful, as this can cause your subject to squint, and it also depends on the size of your model’s eyes. You will have to experiment with this to find the right balance.

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